Higher Ground Outreach

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 Higher Ground Outreach


Higher Ground is a community of believers joined together by the common thread of love. We believe in the Love of God towards ALL men that was manifest through Jesus.

We are a family of spiritual people joined together as a "house of faith" through which we enjoy corporate worship, teaching, and an awesome relationship with a loving Heavenly Father.

It is our firm belief that God sent Jesus Christ to be the supreme sacrifice, and built a bridge to us. We believe that we have the blessing of enjoying peace with God, that the "sin-debt" was settled on the cross.

Higher Ground is a place of connection and "coming together"  regardless of your age, race, creed, color, or status of life, you can find a place of fellowship here.

Join us at Higher Ground Outreach for worship every Sunday afternoon at 3:00 pm in the west wing of St John?s Episcopal Church, at 2036 SE Jefferson Street in beautiful Milwaukie, OR.  Just click on the Directions link for more information.


See You There.